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4. Ownership

4.1 Title (ownership) in or to the Goods will pass to you on delivery of the Goods provided that we have received cleared payment in full for these Goods.

4.2. Title (ownership) in or to the Goods will pass back to us immediately upon any refund for the price of the Goods being made by us.

5. Damaged, Missing or Incorrect Orders

5.1 You agree to carefully examine the Goods delivered in accordance with your order.

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6.4 If you cancel your order after delivery within the 7 day cooling off period, then you will be responsible for the cost of the return package. Consumers returning goods under the Sale of Goods Act will not inherit this cost. In this circumstance, cost of the return will be added to your refund. Provided that paragraph 6.3 has been complied with, then following receipt of the return package we will either:

6.4.1 in relation to orders for Goods cancelled in accordance with this Paragraph 6 refund the purchase price but not the delivery charge; or

6.4.2 at your option, exchange the Goods for other goods you wish to purchase from our website.  We will pay the cost of delivering any substituted goods. 

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Hyperion L is primarily designed to kill bacteria that are not killed by the domestic washing machine. Now with the introduction of low temperature washing powders to conserve energy, although the clothes may look clean, many studies have shown that bacteria are still present and can cross infect clothes mixed together. The use of Hyperion L will kill bacteria irrespective of the temperature of the wash and leave your clothes not only clean but hygienic as well.

Please add two capfuls of Hyperion L to the softner compartment of the washing machine drawer. Never add less than two capfuls of Hyperion L even if you are only washing a few clothes. You can add your softner and Hyperion together at the same time.

If using Hyperion L to sanitise your washing machine and get rid of residual smells, add two capfuls of the Hyperion L to the final rinse cycle of a wash programme and allow the machine to finish.

If soaking delicate clothes, add one capful to 2.5 litres of water and soak for 10 minutes. For virus removal, soak the clothes for 15 minutes.

Hyperion has been rigorously tested in shoes and the Hyperion F container holds 50mls which is sufficient to treat 2 pairs of shoes. Please allow the shoes to properly dry after treatment. It may be that the bad odour in the shoe is trapped in the shoe fabric and will gradually escape. However, since the odour producing bacteria have been destroyed, there will be no more generation of bad odour and after a few days the shoes should be almost odour free. There is also a possibility that the smell in the shoe is chemical in origin, from the rubber sole or glue and may not be related to hygiene at all.

No. Hyperion liquid is stable for many years at normal room conditions and does not go "off". Obviously, containing water, it must be kept in the original or other water tight container, preferably out of direct sunlight. The ingredients of Hyperion, when applied to appropriate surfaces like textiles, fur, paper, leather, equipment ,work surfaces etc. will provide antibacterial protection for months and even years. The incorporation of nano particles and ions increases the long term antibacterial protection even in items that are washed frequently.

Hyperion has been rigorously tested both in the laboratory and field and has achieved significant awards for efficacy. Hyperion has been approved for use as a disinfectant under EN regulations EN1267, EN13704, EN1650, EN13696 and EN1500 and is not classified as dangerous to human health under EU Directive 67/ 58/ EEC Annex 1.

Hyperion is a colourless, odourless liquid which does not mark or stain surfaces or textiles. For practical purposes a slight yellow dye is added to discriminate it from water and a "forest fresh" perfume helps users identify which areas have been treated. Hyperion is available without the perfume for use in the food industry.

Because it is incredibly safe, Hyperion can be used in a very wide range of environments. Its main indications for use are health protection and odour removal caused by bacterial infections and general sanitary control in almost all human environments. Currently it is used in child care, hospitals, community centres, food stores, gyms, changing rooms, showers, hotels, public toilets, transport systems (bus, rail and ships) and in personal use for shoe odour control, personal hygiene, washing machines and as a general domestic disinfectant around the house and for pet care.

Quite simply, the answer lies in the fact that human beings co exist with bacteria, sometimes without a problem and sometimes the bacteria interact with us in such a way as to threaten our lives and well being. Bacteria are ubiquitous and are found in every part of our planet. They are indigenous to all living things and some species permanently live inside us. Unlike chemical contamination, bacteria can grow and double in number every 20 minutes, and given the right conditions, can reach many millions of organisms in a very short space of time. Bacterial toxins (essentially waste products) can interact and interfere with our biological processes in such a way as to incapacitate us or even cause death in extreme cases. Antimicrobials such as Hyperion Q combined with our CIP (cleaning in place) disinfection delivery process kills the harmful bacteria before they get a chance to kill us.

Hyperion provides antimicrobial protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses in all environments where we live, work and play. Unlike other antimicrobial agents in current use, Hyperion is unique in that it provides residual antimicrobial protection and hygienic freshness for months, even years on many different surfaces.

Hyperion is a liquid at room temperatures which can be applied to all surfaces, carpets, walls, glass, plastics and fabrics and skin and is available for local use as sprays, wipes, laundry additives, hand sanitisers and in bulk quantities for disinfecting large areas of flooring, shower rooms and even deodorising drains and flooded areas. Although it can easily be used by customers, it is most effective when applied by Hyperion Biotechnology staff under contract, using more sophisticated delivery systems, such as fogging units, atomised nebulisers, aerosols and foam generators to provide uniform coverage even in hard to reach areas.

Tested both independently and within clinical NHS environments, Hyperion has the highest safety credentials and antimicrobial efficacy ( Log Kill of 6!!!) and was recently declared the “Winner” of the Smart Solutions HCAI (Health Care Associated Infections) in trials performed by TrusTECH, The North West of England NHS Innovations Hub, on behalf of the Department of Health’s HCAI Technology Innovation Programme and supported by the NHS National Innovation Centre.

“ Probably one of the most accomplished anti-microbial treatments available and an utterly fabulous product to use........”

Basically a patented formulations of five different biocides, Hyperion is marketed solely by Hyperion Biotechnology Ltd. and also contains elemental nanotechnology and charged particles to provide additional residual protection whilst having no deleterious impact on the environment.