Sweaty feet and the corresponding bad foot odour in shoes is the subject most often mentioned on the web chat forums. Indeed the chat rooms abound with all sorts of “cures” from baking soda to vinegar and air fresheners!

Most people surprisingly do not seem to appreciate that the primary cause of bad foot odour arises from the breakdown of sweat trapped within the fabric of the footwear.

There are, of course, many causes of sweaty feet which qualified podiatrists are fully aware of and can advise accordingly. However, the subject of treating the shoe to eliminate the shoe odour is perhaps less well addressed.

There are very few options which are actually successful.

Option 1.  Mask the smell! The use of fresheners, perfumes and chemicals is most often the first resort. This may be moderately successful for a day or so but eventually the bad odour will return and the problem begins all over again


Option 2. Dry the shoes and keep them dry!  However it is impractical to keep shoes dry, particularly if worn on a regular basis. The very action of wearing the shoes generates sweat which gets trapped in the shoe in sufficient concentrations to promote bacterial growth even if the inside of the shoe appears dry.

Option 3. Directly apply a bactericidal spray or liquid to kill the bacteria which breakdown the sweat. This is a moderately successful method of dealing with the problem but the problem returns with time and the shoes require treatment all over again within a week or so. Repeated applications can lead to shoe damage and destruction of the shoe fabric itself.  Most people have many pairs of shoes and repeated application is impractical.

The most successful method of dealing with the problem of smelly shoes is to treat the shoes with a material  which will kill the bacteria and prevent them re-growing in the future.

To date the only products currently available which meets all the criteria of a “cure” is Hyperion F for non diabetics or Hyperion D specifically designed for diabetics.

The main ingredients in these products are composed of complex surfactant chemistry with a polymer backbone and the inclusion of nano particles and ions which were a spin off of the NASA Neemo 6 space program where aquanauts and astronauts  operating in confined spaces, were unable to wash their clothes for periods as long as 6 continuous weeks.  The inclusion of nano particles and ions proved to be successful in preventing infections and nano particles and ions are now a mandatory inclusion in all astronaut clothing.

The basic function of the Hyperion range of products is to offer protection against bacterial, fungal and viral infections in a range of items and situations. The action initially is to provide an instant kill to dangerous microbes and the nano products prevent reoccurrence of new infections.

Thus Hyperion F, unlike competitive shoe treatments, is a single application spray for sports shoes which disinfects and deodorises on the basis “no microbes, no microbial breakdown of sweat,  no smell!”  A single application will provide protection for many months and is particularly useful in all sports shoes, camping boots, ski boots etc.

Hyperion Diabetic, also in a single application, is specifically designed to offer maximum protection against foot infections which arise from footwear. It makes little sense for a podiatrist or doctor to treat the foot and then put the foot back into an infective shoe. Hyperion Diabetic not only provides instant kill but also residual protection and can be used on socks, bandages and other items related to footwear.

The main ingredients in Hyperion products are all:

  • NHS approved.   A recent winner of the “Smart Solutions HCAI” (Health Care Associated Infections), a national programme for infection control.  Trials conducted within Hospitals of Barts and the London NHS Trust.  “Probably one of the most accomplished Anti-Microbial treatments available and an utterly fabulous product to use....”
  • Safety and efficacy approved under relevant European regulations EN1276, EN13704, EN1650, EN13696 and skin tested EN1500. Independent tests show it is 3 times more effective than bleach on viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • No staining or destruction of surfaces or fabrics to which the treatment is applied
  • No special application precautions No special precautions for product storage, shelf life or display.
  • Available in 50ml or 300ml bottles for home use.

Please refer to the booklet which accompanies each product for “How to use” instructions.