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Conor McGregor's trainer John Kavanagh is a fan of Hyperion to keep his SBGi gym and fighters in good health.

Awarded coach of the year 2015, John puts his fighters first by using the following products:

1 - HYPERION DISINFECTION SERVICE to disinfect the gym by spraying to keep the mats & surfaces clean 

2 - HYPERION S Sports Spray for personal training gear.


If you suffer from smelly shoes then Hyperion Hygiene Sport is what can help keep them fresh and odour free!!

Checkout the video below to see the "genie" come and clean the shoes!! :)


Clean your helmet

After a warm summer, the question often arises as to how to 'clean' helmets, gloves and boots that have accumulated considerable sweat and now smell really badly.

Don't use vinegar, baking soda etc.

They don't work for very long, if at all and you risk damaging the helmet fabrics and the helmet shell itself.


    • To sanitise the helmet or item of motorcycle gear use Hyperion S for sports kit
    • Remove the linings if possible and treat as separate items.
    • Remove excess physical dirt from the item
    • Spray the item with Hyperion S until touch wet
    • Air dry in an airing cupboard or hair dryer. ( Do not exceed 60 degrees centigrade or you risk damaging the item.)
    • When dry, the item is ready for use and should not require further treatment for 3-6 months.
    • In case of any difficulty, please contact this site through the contact form or call for advice.

Sweaty feet and the corresponding bad foot odour in shoes is the subject most often mentioned on the web chat forums. Indeed the chat rooms abound with all sorts of “cures” from baking soda to vinegar and air fresheners!

Most people surprisingly do not seem to appreciate that the primary cause of bad foot odour arises from the breakdown of sweat trapped within the fabric of the footwear.

There are, of course, many causes of sweaty feet which qualified podiatrists are fully aware of and can advise accordingly. However, the subject of treating the shoe to eliminate the shoe odour is perhaps less well addressed.

There are very few options which are actually successful.

Option 1.  Mask the smell! The use of fresheners, perfumes and chemicals is most often the first resort. This may be moderately successful for a day or so but eventually the bad odour will return and the problem begins all over again

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The basis of all treatments for the following indications require the treatment of the shoes with

Hyperion F, or for diabetics, Hyperion D.

In cases where wound exudates contaminate the inside of the shoe, it is particularly important to physically remove the surface contamination as much as possible, then to treat the shoe fabric with Hyperion. Attention must also be paid to the socks and other fabrics which come into contact with the infection, using Hyperion L to decontaminate the fabrics and the washing machine itself.

A)    When temporary shoes such as Kerraped DH shoes or similar are prescribed

  1. For those with plantar ulcers which are expected to take some considerable time to heal
  2. For those whose footwear actually caused the ulcer
  3. For those whose own shoes will not accommodate the dressing applied by the podiatrist which includes thick padding to offload pressures from around the area.


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