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Hyperion Hygiene is a cutting-edge disinfection company based in Northern Ireland specialising in environmentally friendly commercial and personal disinfection systems.

Initial product development was based on the results obtained from the sixth NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO 6) dedicated to biomedical engineering research for space flight application.

During their 10-day mission, the aquanaut crew lived underwater using the Aquarius undersea laboratory as a space analogue for working and training under environmental conditions that replicate the challenging conditions of outer space.


Microbial growth within an enclosed, isolated environment such as the International Space Station (ISS) poses a potential health hazard to crew members. The moist, enclosed, and isolated Aquarius habitat was an ideal environment to determine the efficacy of the silver technology as a antimicrobial countermeasure.


During the NEEMO 6 mission, crew members and lab technicians wore silver ion T-shirts and/or sweatshirts and slept on sheets treated with silver technology. At specified times throughout the mission, the crew  used the International Space Station (ISS) Surface Sampler Kit (SSK) to sample specific living areas within the Aquarius habitat for microorganisms.


NEEMO 6 Crewmember feedback was very positive and recommended using textiles in the future that contain silver to protect against potentially dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms.


Since those days back in 2004, product development of Hyperion now incorporates much more sophisticated chemistry to aid the efficacy of silver when used as an antimicrobial agent.


Hyperion is marketed solely by Hyperion Hygiene.

Basically a patented formulation of five different biocides, Hyperion disinfectant materials are based on novel antimicrobial materials incorporating nanotechnology and advanced polymer surfactant chemistry and provides both instant kill and long-term residual protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses for many months from a single application.

Hyperion biocides are colourless, odourless, and non toxic in the concentrations used.

The main ingredients in Hyperion have been tested both independently and within clinical NHS environments (Barts and the London Trust Hospitals) against bacteria, fungi (including spore-forming organisms) and viruses, and have exceeded the following European Norm standards: EN standards: 1267, 13704,1650,13696 and 1500. Additionally (main ingredients) are not classified as dangerous to human health under EU Directive 67/58/EEC Annex 1 

Comercially, Hyperion is most effective when applied by Hyperion Hygiene Products staff under contract, using sophisticated delivery systems. Our core delivery methods are based on high pressure atomising humidifiers, ulv fogging units, aerosols, foam generators and advanced electrostatic spray methods for the delivery of Hyperion treatments to disinfect all areas related to human habitation such as  hotel and tourist accommodation, restaurants, food preparation areas, residential homes, sports facilities, children's day care centres, nursery facilities, schools, public toilets and transport systems.

For some personal applications, Hyperion is available directly to customers use in the form of small hand-held sprays:

- Hyperion Hand and Surface Sanitiser - to protect against transmission of Viruses

- Hyperion Premises Protect - to keep people in your premises protected from surface transmitted infection 

- Hyperion Vehicle Protect - to keep people in vehicles protected from surface transmitted infection 

- Hyperion F - for shoe odour control

- Hyperion D (Diabetic) -  to help prevent infection from contaminated shoes and socks in Diabetics.

- Hyperion S - for sports equipment, body armour, helmets, kit bags etc.

- Hyperion L - to sanitise laundry and reduce machine odour.

- Hyperion  Hair and Body Wash. Specially formulated for gym and contact sports

Hyperion Hygiene is committed to finding practical safe and environmentally green solutions to bacterial, fungal and viral problems which may destroy our quality of life or threaten our very existence as with the case of MRSA type infections  or viral (such as avian flu) and epidemics across continents.

To this end, Hyperion Hygiene Products spends considerable time and expense on research and development and welcomes suggestions and comments from all its customers.